Our vows

by Dulcie Meatheringham on September 25th, 2008
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Since it was a bit hard to hear the vows over my boohooing and inept microphone work, I’ve transcribed them below:

Nels’s vows

Four weeks into our journey together, we were separated for an entire month by an internship you took in New York state.

I knew then that I loved you, but I was afraid to tell you so, for fear you’d think me foolish and reckless with my heart. When you returned, you told me that you loved me, but had been afraid to tell me so, for fear I’d think you foolish and reckless with your heart.

After that day, I was not afraid. Today, in front of all these people, I am not afraid. Never again will I be afraid to tell you that I love you.

And so I pledge to you my entire self, to be your partner in life and in marriage.

I promise to laugh with you in joy,
to cry with you in sorrow,
to trust you and be worthy of your trust,
to be faithful to you and worthy of your faith,
and to honour and respect our differences,
for as long as we both shall live.

Dulcie’s vows:

Nels, we’ve been partners for nine short years. I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know because I say these things to you every day: you are my favourite person and the best person I know.

Your kindness and loyalty are inspiring. You make it easy to be brave, to speak my mind, to ask and answer the hard questions.

I vow to continue to be your advocate, your cheering section and your critic. I vow  to  continue to love you fiercely and be the best partner and friend you deserve.

And then, your vows:

Will all my relations who are willing and able please stand with me know and repeat, Nels/Dulcie, we are your family.

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